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Self Isolation: 3 wellness tips from Pilot Apparel

With the current COVID pandemic; many of us are working from home. Regardless of if you are feeling sick, self isolating or practicing social distancing; it can take a bit of getting used to. Mental health and productivity are at the heart of peoples concerns so here at Pilot Apparel HQ We have come up with a comprehensive guide of tips to help ease yourself through self isolation, and even turn it into a positive opportunity.

1. Establish a routine

One of the best, most important, game changing, fundamental tips is to establish a routine within self isolation. Establishing a routine allows you to compartmentalise your day and can be fundamental to keeping your head above water with so many more hours spent indoors. Starting off with a couple of things you do every day at a certain time can be really great for keeping your mental health in check; and ensuring you don't become too much of a Netflix zombie. You could kick your day off with a meditation video or a daily workout challenge. Lots of fitness celebrities are doing live stream workouts which can be fun to tune into.

2. Use the time to achieve a goal

The short and long of it is, when in self isolation you can't control the fact that you have stay indoors and distance yourself socially. The only thing you can control is how you react to it. You can wait for time to pass, or you can engage actively in utilising this time to achieve some goals that you simply haven't had time to achieve before. Start by making a list of things you've been meaning to do, skills you wish you had, hobbies you wish you practiced more; big or small add as many things as you can to the list. Try to do goals that aren't too app based or computer based as if you are working from home you may be spending even more time online than before.

Things like workout routines, baking, collage, painting, poetry writing, up-cycling, practicing an instrument and photography can be a starting point. Maybe you have always wanted to start a side hussle but haven't found the time, maybe you've been curious about starting a pod cast or wanted to run an art exhibition. All of these things take a hella lot of leg work and doing that around the usual busy life can be taxing. This time in isolation can be an amazing opportunity to set up the foundations for your future plans.

^ Photo credited to Christiane Spangsberg

3. Find new ways to interact with your social group

Facebook, instagram, twitter are certified boredom remedies. However, most would agree these apps tend to steal way more time than we want them to, It's far too easy to lose hours of the day mindlessly scrolling junk. Be mindful of this during isolation and consider the benefit of finding new ways to interact with your peer group. Zoom is a video conferencing platform available on desktop and mobile. Created for remote meetings for business but it is a perfect platform for group social interaction. You can video chat with all members or some, have conversations with your whole gang, create groups and even screen share to show pals something interesting you are up to all in one place. Try it out and enjoy the benefits of a new social way to chat.

You can also feel connected in a new way by playing games with friends directly, Trivia Switch, available on app store, is a quiz game that you can play with up to five friends. You create your own avatar and challenge friends to play. Small, simple things like this can make a big impact on your feelings on connectivity with friends when seeing a lot less (or none) of them irl.

We hope you enjoyed these tips from Pilot Apparel HQ and that it eases you into isolation nicely. We have taken government advice seriously and moved operations inside. We can still fulfil online orders and appreciate your support in this difficult time, If you would like any cosy clothing whilst working from home or isolating we've knocked 25% off site-wide. Stay happy and all our best,

- Pilot Apparel.

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